Queries to Ask Before Hiring a Live Music DJ For Your Wedding ceremony Reception


I’ve spent years booking and managing DJs that play wedding ceremony receptions. Over the years dealing with hundreds of brides, I have already been asked a large number of great queries about hiring a marriage DJ. I talk about the very best five with you right here.

Just how much does it cost?

Regardless of your budget, cost issues. For wedding brides on a spending budget, this can limit your alternatives. Knowing what you need to spend, even while a ballpark figure, can help you quickly narrow the field of potential entertainers. You don’t need to waste your time and effort speaking with a $10, 000 DJ if all you need is certainly $2, 000. Avoid searching at DJs outside your spending budget – you get everything you pay out for and you may likely be disappointed if you do observe that $10, 000 10-piece DJ with horns and shifting lights and have to stay for a 4 piece with no bells and whistles.See tandmentertainment.co/services/wedding-dj/wedding-dj-near-me/ to have professional DJ.

For those brides in a position to spend what must be done to employ the DJ you want, you still have to know the price and the timing of obligations so you can expect to pay what’s required when it’s required. Nevertheless, you have considerably more freedom to get the DJ of your dreams without needing to accept something less.


What carry out I get for the purchase price?

It is important to comprehend everything you get for the purchase price. The standard evening contains 3 hours of live music over a four hour period. Generally 3 1-hour models with 2 30-minute breaks or 4 45-minute sets with 3 15-minute breaks. Whether there is normally any available room to change that schedule is essential – after all, the DJ should accommodate the bride-to-be, not the other method around. It is necessary to learn if the DJ provides audio equipment, lights, an audio engineer, load-out and load-in, etc . Any kind of extra expenses such as for example travel or meals? The ultimate way to know very well what you get is normally to speak to the DJ straight and, if possible, discover them perform live at another wedding ceremony reception. Based on what the DJs give, you might find that the bigger priced DJs will be the better value.

MAY I make requests for tracks to end up being played or not learned or played?

Most DJs are prepared to accommodate requests within cause. I once experienced a bride-to-be hire a DJ and then feel the song list and have the DJ never to play all but about 20 songs. To complete 3 hours, a DJ needs 36 – 48 tunes. Obviously, we could not really accommodate her requests. To be honest, if she wasn’t pleased with 80% of the DJ’s repertoire, she must have hired another DJ.

Requesting the DJ to understand a melody is more complicated. Due to the proper time involved, you must supply the DJ lots of lead time to understand songs. For example, I love to have 60 times. It generally does not take that lengthy, but there are various other requests that the DJ is normally learning for various other events as well as your request must be planned in among the displays, requests, and rehearsals with plenty of time to execute it convincingly