Smartest Choices for the SEO Affiliate Domination

SEO Affiliate Domination

Avoid simply publishing the datasheet which must be inserted, but as an additional element and not as the main element. Look for information that perhaps on other websites are not found in the world of technology, for example, comparative analyzes work very well, or the hands-on that explain the pros and cons of buying a product. With the SEO Affiliate Domination this is essential.

Divide the text into paragraphs so that the user, who often does not read from start to finish, can have points of reference and quickly find the information he is looking for. Not necessarily being the first but being the most complete: publishing an article or more in-depth content is better than publishing simple “rumors” or information that may then be denied.

Create a strategy that launches that content and not just publish a single article dedicated to the topic: the user must be able to browse the site and find other related articles through which we can also upsell, or sell other products such as for example cases for iPhone 6S, additional lenses for iPhone 6S, protective films, and link these contents together. Suppose therefore that you have come to complete this point too, now what should be done? The next step is clearly to place the article.

Activate the social and link building strategy to promote the content

Today it is not enough to write the best article in the world to get results. Especially in very competitive sectors one must have popularity, authority, relevance, uniqueness and activate an effective link building strategy. To be successful in affiliate marketing, these characteristics are fundamental.

Again SEMrush can help us in multiple ways.

Two of the functions that I appreciate most are the possibility to analyze for the inserted projects not only the evolution over time of the positioning of our results but above all the “SEO Ideas” section of the Site Audit, which allows us to identify tips to improve the positioning of our content based on the keywords we have selected.

Affiliate marketing: draw inspiration from SEO Ideas

Don’t forget also that SEMrush gives you the opportunity to quickly analyze competitors’ backlinks for single pages, identifying which sites link our competitors or which sites are best positioned for certain keywords. In this way, you can try to intercept them to propose, for example, an infographic you have created and receive links that will help you improve your positioning on search engines.

Once this is done, after taking advantage of various angles and having internal linking operations on the articles and content that you have created or that you have created by professional columnists, you can clearly continue to work also by promoting these contents via social media. For example, some affiliate marketers create viral articles which then spread via social networks, acquiring more traffic and exploiting various sources, or creating ad hoc campaigns on Facebook Ads or on Google AdWords to increase visits on target pages, also profiling users based on the chosen campaign.

Doesn’t working with affiliate marketing adversely affect SEO?

The answer is no. But remember to always insert the rel is equal to “no follow” to the links of the affiliate campaigns.

SEO Affiliate Domination

We have only given you some of the many tips for making money with affiliates using SEO and a basic working method. Clearly, depending on your knowledge in SEO, you can use many strategies to position mini-sites or content that promotes affiliate products.