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Let these tips help you when you move and make your fate a little easier. Tell your friends how modern people move.

The most important part of the move is the planning of resources. You will need packaging for items and furniture, vehicles for their transportation, help from special services and if you do not involve a moving company, support from friends and acquaintances. Below you will find our tips and tricks that will help you competently and quickly organize all the resources necessary for moving. From the reputable movers you can get the best options now.

reputable movers

Materials for packing property when moving

Careful packing of things with the help of quality materials is a prerequisite for their safety during loading and unloading and transportation to a new apartment. So that you can choose the best packaging option, it is important to understand the purpose, as well as the pros and cons of the most popular types of packaging materials.

Stretch film.

It is elastic and easily extensible. Thanks to this it is tightly wound around furniture, appliances, personal items, protecting them from getting wet and pollution. However, the film does not protect property from damage during falling, shock. It is easy to tear with sharp corners. It will not protect expensive furniture, fragile porcelain and is used mainly as an additional outer layer on solid boxes.


It is perhaps the most affordable type of packaging, which is sold in ordinary supermarkets. When folded, they are compact, weigh very little and are relatively inexpensive. However, packing items in bags is inconvenient because of the soft form, it is impossible to pack everything in the correct order. Such a container is suitable only for voluminous clothes or soft toys, and other objects can break through it. The weight in the bags is distributed unevenly, so with the declared 25-30 kg, they can withstand no more than 15 kg. Things in them are not protected from damage due to shock or friction. Bags are inconvenient to carry and place in the back of the car during transportation. Another drawback is the difficulty of labeling.


The most suitable packaging, which, although it costs more than bags, protects the contents from bumps, scratches. Things in them can be neatly laid out, and the container itself marked. You need to choose specialized boxes for moving. They are made from durable, multi-layered technical cardboard. They withstand transportation and transfers, unlike conventional storage boxes.

Packaging materials can be purchased at construction stores, home goods hypermarkets, or at moving companies. Of course, the latter option is the most optimal. For example, Delicate Relocation offers packaging in several formats and sizes. Indeed, when moving you will need boxes for packing large items, office equipment, small boxes for small items, and wardrobe models for clothes on a coat hanger with clothes, etc. You can calculate how many will be needed in a special online calculator.

Do not forget you need to protect the decoration of the premises especially doorways, as well as the ends of the furniture when moving out and skidding into a new apartment. To do this, there are profiles and corners. For unpacking, you will need a clerical knife or other cutting tools.

Transport for transporting things

If you arrange the move yourself, agree in advance with the transport company that will provide the car. It is important to pick up a car with a cargo compartment, sufficient to fit all the property in it, but not too spacious so that you do not overpay for the extra volume.