Black hat and white hat SEO – the beginning

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You’re reading this article, that means at the very least, you’re interested in SEO. So, what does SEO mean and how it works to improve the performance of your site? In short, SEO or search engine optimization is the strategy by which you can control or manipulate the ranking of your website in the google search result. There can be two types of SEO strategy, black hat or white hat and both have their pros and cons. You probably heard that one should always opt for white hat SEO strategy than a black hat, but do you know why? I’ll tell you in a moment, but if you’re in Las Vegas and you are not happy with your online marketing performance for your local business, we offer Las Vegas SEO service and would be glad to help. Okay, let’s proceed.

Las Vegas SEO

Blackhat SEO: This strategy has another name, churn and burn. And as the name suggests, it does precisely that – you churn the profit and burn the site. When you’re not interested in building a long-term online business, but want to rank a site and make some profit from the generated lead and leave the site to be burnt in Google hell – that’s a pure and perfect black hat strategy. Blackhat SEO employs methods which are always controversial; some people even call them as “unethical” and most importantly, Google does not approve those. Hence, using the black hat method can tank your site at the bottom of the search result, and almost always that happens, sooner or later. But as I mentioned earlier, people who do black hat SEO, they are never interested in long-term business, but their purpose is to churn as much profit as possible, within the shortest time possible. Here an important thing must be mentioned that a perfect black hat SEO strategy could be controversial, maybe unethical, and of course, would be disapproved by the Google – but should never be “illegal.” If you do something illegal online, that’s simply cybercrime, not black hat.

White hat SEO: As you’ve guessed already, white hat SEO is something opposite of black hat. People who want to build a long-term online business, want to build authority over their niche and want to build their brand image, do use white hat SEO. So, exactly how white hat strategy works? If I want to say in a simpler term, a perfect white hat SEO would be “not doing any SEO intentionally at all!” Sounds weird, right? Let me explain.

First of all, regardless of black hat or white hat, there is always an intention behind every SEO strategy, which is “artificially manipulating Google result” in your favor. However, when you try to “manipulate” artificially, you’re always on a very thin line between black hat and white hat. People who want to do white hat SEO, often step their foot on the black hat territory without knowing and cause their site to be dumped in the ranking. How? Like if you use tools like Xrumer or GSA to blast tons of links in a very short time, it will be indeed a pure textbook black hat SEO strategy. But do you know even if you offer money or free article for their site to negotiate a do-follow link back to your site, that’s also a “black hat” strategy and Google can de-rank your site? But the difference between the two examples mentioned above is, the first one is well recognized as a black hat strategy, but the second one is widely accepted as a white hat strategy! Go figure.

We will discuss in more details about both of the black hat and white hat strategies. Till then, happy ranking.