Enjoy the Best Of Vape for Your Choice


Many people who start in the vape will not find the most popular e-liquids for the vaping community, even the rewarded e-liquids. It is necessary to let your taste buds resume the habit of flavours and for that reason not to rush them too quickly, under penalty of thinking that the electronic cigarette: it’s not good. You will find in the shop for new flavours such as ejuice coffee, mojito or whisky. You will necessarily find your happiness.


Before considering which liquid to choose, it is important to understand that feeling and tasting are two rather different things even if there are sensory organs common to both.

It’s pretty easy to demonstrate, when you’re next to a person who smokes a rolling tobacco, this is almost pleasant, there are scents of caramel or gingerbread, or still when you feel a pack of freshly opened cigarette, but when you start to smoke, all these good smells are no longer present in the mouth, smoked gum and a taste vaguely pungent, sometimes vaguely sweet is felt. It is true that the characteristic of smoke, the burned, is not present in the vapour, although some e-liquids have additives to mimic this smell.

But if you have to be realistic, this smell is not a real argument, except for someone who does not really want to stop smoking, otherwise why all the former smokers would be happy to no longer smell this smell on their clothes or in their homes.

  • It is good to start in simplicity, which is why beginners who want to know how to choose their liquid e opt and generally appreciate e-liquids in mono aroma, with a single flavour.
  • There are a lot of tobacco flavours in e-liquids, and it’s easy and fun to find them, be it brown tobacco, blond, a rolled cigarette, or even pipe tobacco.
  • It is quite practical when one is in the period of weaning off the cigarette (and not nicotine), that is to say when one leaves a habit to take another one, to find familiar smells.

It’s also fun and completely different from vowing fruit. Some people who are used to menthol cigarettes will find e-liquids of this type for an incredible feeling of freshness. There are great families in e-liquids, there are tobaccos, fruity, fresh, drinks, and finally gourmands who are usually flavours present at the end of the meal, like the e-liquid custard.

After a delay, and when you are certain that there will be only the vape and no return back possible if you feel the need to discover new flavours you will be able to go in search of your e-liquid of vaping. The complexes are e-liquids that mix different types of flavours. We find the tobacco-greedy, which are pleasant, with character there are also the fruity-gourmands as a good pastry recipe or complex gourmet e-liquid with a multitude of flavours or fruity-fresh, such as alcoholic cocktails or no.

How to choose e-liquid

Depending on the season, or the time of day, you will tend to enjoy flavours rather than others, the taste is personal, and it is also cultivated in complete freedom. In order to help you, a selection tool with filters, with more and more precise parameters will help you find which e-liquid to choose and taste.