How You can Have The Facebook ads reporting tool

Facebook ads reporting tool

Check the relationship between the amount of text and image in your advertisement to facilitate approval. For all of the ad design recommendations, see the Facebook Ads Guide. The best way to find out what works with your audiences is by testing. Here are some recommendations for images, which are based on proven tactics. Use the proportions recommended for each placement. Discover the proportions compatible with the different investments. The use of the Facebook ads reporting tool is right there.

Use high resolution images.

Highlight your product or brand. Potential customers quickly scroll through their news feed. Show them what you are selling, your brand or your logo to effectively communicate your message. Limit the amount of text in your image. Ads with images that contain a large amount of text may not be shown.

Send a clear message. Crop the image to highlight the important part. If you want to highlight several images, use the carousel format.

Facebook ads reporting tool

See an overview of your advertisements. Use the Creative Hub to see your ads on a computer and on the phone, putting yourself in the shoes of your audience. Facebook ads are on the rise with marketers. It must be said that they are very effective in bridging the loss of organic reach that business pages regularly undergo.

Flexible and inexpensive, they allow you to broaden your audience, increase your visibility and widely promote your offers. However, what factors should be taken into account for ads that meet your objectives? Expert offers tips to make your ads attractive and engaging.

Define measurable goals

What performance are you targeting with your ads? More subscribers, awareness, sales, interactions knowing what your ad should trigger allow you to choose the best format. Indeed, as soon as you create a Facebook Ads, the social network offers you several objectives and formats. Choosing the one that suits your needs gives you every chance of obtaining a positive ROI return on investment.

Don’t focus on audience size

The target is the basis of your communication and here, it is not their number that counts. Even if Facebook offers you a slider that defines the ideal audience size, you must follow your goals. The goal is to reach qualified Internet users, rather than the general public except to sell mass consumer products.

Design a message adapted to its buyer’s persona

To design the message that perfectly meets the expectations of your target audience, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How does your audience communicate?
  • What type of language to use to communicate with him?
  • Does he use emoticons?
  • Does he prefer short messages or detailed explanations?
  • What are his favorite contents?
  • Can it be connected to a PC, tablet, smartphone or all 3?

One of the best places to find out more about your audience is in the social media analytics tool. Also, take a look at the comments people post on your page to understand their language and the tone used.

Tell a great story

Storytelling is essential to connecting with your audience. Don’t be too promotional in your Facebook Ads, talk about your projects, and get your fans to project themselves with your products or services, make your activity stand out. You don’t need to set aside a large budget to create compelling stories. You can use animation, carousel format or Facebook slideshows.