Kinds of Fonts and their Uses

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Slab serif also belongs to the category of serifs almost its growth, the slab serifs fonts look more squared off and block especially than other traditional serif fonts this slab serif gives us a better option when you are looking for a modern font these can be used in logos which need this attire, Clarendon is the font type in slab serif they are used in Honda, Sony and wells Pargo which are the major brand. These slab serifs can also be used as an alternative in text, that is we can use this font type rather than using bold or italics because this gives a very elegant look when we used to be recording. A default generator is available instagram font changer .


The script is another important formal font that is used in casual designing scripts look like handwritten cursive writing this includes featured decorative curls, loops, and flourishes, overall, it gives a fancy look also looks trendy and relaxed.

As script fonts give a fancy look, it won’t be the best choice for must-read longer blocks. They can be effective when used in headings, phrases, logos, and also short texts.  They are used to communicate feelings of elegance and whimsy. they also give a feminine touch to the relevant brands it is recommended to use large point size also to avoid caps lettering to look the text legible.


Decorative and Scripts both lie in the same category that is because their usage is limited decorative fonts has a wide range design so they tend to give a big punch they also include elements of customs graphic so they can use other font types they are used to communicate a specific atmosphere and mood.

These decorative fonts are used for the main title or to custom logo also the major title in the print price which enhances the biggest elements in a page it makes easier to read.

Font generator:

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A computer generally has software for all its operation a software requires or has its default programmed code or language which tends it to do its activity in a well-organized manner. Font plays a vital role in computers and their software that is because we convey raw information or input to the computer in many ways, but text is the most commonly used method to provide input to the computer. Fonts also help us to tell information with its full form custom that is we can bold or italicize the word.

A font generator is also computer software that gives us an outline that converts the fonts into various [many] formats they can be either as a bitmap also SVG or even a web-safe font that utilizes the “@ font-face” rule of a specification here it is CSS3. A fo9nt generator can also create fonts in use for websites or other specific applications even in presentation media.

A font generator software creates or converts a font outline into an actual bitmap that is nothing but a pattern with dots that requires a particular font size.