Money from the Home: How Simple Is It?

how to make money from home

The house is not only a source of expenditure: taxes, maintenance, expenses with a little resourcefulness, it can become a source of income or savings. So how to make money from home ? Here are the options for you.

Rent your house for a shoot

We are full of received ideas and convinced that our apartment is in no way photogenic. Not so sure, and it may be worth a try when you know that the resident touches for a shoot between 1,500 and 3,000 dollars per day and for a photoshoot between 1,000 and 2,000 dollars. Of course, there are essentials: ease of parking, a living room of at least 30 m2, a rather quiet place and not being too upstairs because of the equipment to be transported. Fairly large Haussmann apartments minimum 120 m2 are still in demand, as are lofts and architect houses.

how to make money from home

But in these two companies, we are also very takers of small surfaces having a particular cachet, especially for filming of television films, and this for fairly short durations: The provincial cop who goes up to Paris to join the PJ lives, in general, a modest two-room apartment. The typical suburban pavilion, or the 1970s residence that has kept its decor with Formica furniture in the kitchen and wallpaper in its own juice, are in great demand. And the demand is high four or five a day depending on the company, much higher than the supply.

To know

These casting agencies play a real role of intermediary between the production companies and the owners, and they are first there to defend the rights of the latter and warn them of what awaits them: the apartment will be invaded by a whole film crew. In this type of rental, going through an intermediary like the two companies mentioned above is essential: a deposit check will be established, as well as an inventory. Thus, at the slightest breakage, everything will be refunded. If a shoot lasts at least two weeks, the production must find accommodation for the inhabitants or compensate them financially.

Rent your house for a vacation or a few days

Many websites have specialized in renting vacation homes, and renting your primary or secondary residence has almost become a breeze. Expert offers on their site more than 70,000 places in more than 100 countries, with an offer mainly concentrated:

Homelidays is not only a showcase:

the site has set up standard contracts to support owners, models of reception and response files, price guides in order to know how much to rent your house. The favorites of the home page are chosen according to the appreciations of the holidaymakers, which one also takes a lot into account to put the goods in front or back. Registration fees: 149 dollars for four months of publication and up to 239 dollars for the year.

Renting your apartment or house requires availability: every time you arrive, a thorough cleaning is essential and it is preferable not to go to the other end of the world to be able to resolve certain technical problems that may arise or respond to questions inherent in a house that your hosts do not know. Plan something to snack and drink for their arrival, it’s always a pleasure. Make a notebook of your favorite addresses in the region.