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Plumbing suppliers

At the first stage of choosing furniture for the bathroom, it is necessary to make accurate measurements of the room. Bath, sink, toilet, shower, etc. should have free access. Cabinets should not impede the adoption of daily procedures and should not expose you and children to dangers and injuries. Do not hang cabinets at the height of your head next to the toilet and bath. You would need the best Plumbing suppliers for the entire set of work.

Measure the area on which you intend to install the furniture. Find the optimal width and height for placing sinks, mirrors, and cabinets. For all the dimensions obtained, make a diagram of your future bathroom on paper or on a computer. The determining factors when choosing furniture for the bathroom.

The main factors for choosing furniture are functionality, practicality and comfort. When choosing cabinets and cabinets, first of all, you need to think about what exactly you will store in them. Towels, if you have a large family, then the towel rack should be appropriate and waterproof.

Cleaning products, a laundry container, cleaning accessories how much and what kind of cabinets you need depends on all this. Pay attention not only to the size and color of the furniture but also to the design. There are open and closed cabinets and shelves. Carefully think about what will stand on open shelves, and what would be better to hide behind the doors of cabinets.

The choice for a small bathroom:

The selection of the interior must be approached more carefully and thoughtfully. You can rationally use the space under the sink by placing cabinets or cabinets there to store various necessary items. If there is a small free space no more than 2 m, then, in this case, we need to dwell on the most necessary items that can be used to store things. As a rule, this is a cabinet for a sink and a pencil case or a hinged shelf.

Happy owners of spacious bathrooms:

May not be limited, but feel free to choose wide countertops for built-in sinks, cabinets, pencil cases, shelves, cabinets and mirrors. Currently, a wide variety of furniture sets, corners, modular, built-in bathroom furniture is presented on the market to help you realize any of your fantasies.

Plumbing suppliers

Tips for choosing and buying bathroom furniture

  • The furniture material must be strong and moisture resistant, resistant to water and moisture. The back of the furniture should not collide with the wall of the bathroom.
  • The choice of color of furniture depends on the size of the room, dark or bright objects visually eat up space. For a small bathroom, it is better to buy furniture in lighter and calmer shades.
  • Consider the choice of furniture before starting repairs. It should be combined with decoration and plumbing in color and texture.
  • The dimensions of the furniture set must be directly proportional to the size of the bathroom. The smaller the bathroom, the more compact and elegant furniture should be selected. Conversely, small and narrow objects can get lost in a spacious room. You should not fill the bathroom with furniture to the maximum, stop only at the necessary and functional objects and allow yourself to enjoy the freedom of movement.

When buying furniture, it is imperative to check the furniture for factory defects chips, scratches, glue residues, etc. Pay particular attention to the quality of the fittings.