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It is any conduct or game of the match that goes against the rules of the sport. The foul is determined by the referee and the most common are collisions between players and offenses between teams or directed at refereeing. With the results for psl you can have more in the account.

The cards

Yellow card: It is a warning. Two of them are worth a read, i.e. expulsion. They are used by the referee to warn yellow or punish red the player who committed an offense on the field.

Some rules

Ball kick: If a defensive player goes back to his goalkeeper, the goalkeeper can never touch the ball with his hands. You will have to restart play by returning the ball to your team with your feet.

Side: Always made with the hands, this throw serves to put the ball back into play when it comes out of one of the sidelines. Charges the opposing team from the player who last touched the ball before it left.

Corner: This occurs when the ball comes out of the touchline and the last person to touch it was a player defending that side of the field. In this case, a player of the attacking team positions himself where the side and bottom lines come together to charge the corner, always using his feet.

Goal Kick: This is the throw-in after the ball comes out of the end line, and the last person to touch it was an attacking player. This replacement is usually made by the goalkeeper, but can also be made by a defensive player.

Offside: The key to this detailed rule is to know that offside occurs when the offensive player is in front of all opposing team defensive players at the moment the ball is thrown at him by a teammate.

Penalty: This is a penalty for the team of the player who fouls the penalty area or touches the ball with his hands. Under the referee’s command, the ball is positioned at the penalty mark and the player chosen to charge can only kick the ball after the referee’s whistle.

The most used expressions

Critter: Cash bonus pays players who win a match or a championship.

Bike: This is when the player jumps on his back and kicks the ball in the air.

Cat’s Bed: Foul in which the player wears his opponent’s body to make him lose his balance.

results for psl

Pen: a dribble in which the player passes the ball between the opponent’s legs to retrieve it behind him.

Reel: Dribble in which the player lifts the ball with one heel and passes it over the opponent to dominate it on the other side, following the throw.

Cart: Lace in which the player throws both feet towards the ball with the body almost lying down. The goal is to disarm the opponent.

Bicycle: Scoring a goal like this is something much celebrated by the player and the team

Bicycle: Scoring a goal like this is something much celebrated by the player and the team

Cavadinha: When the player kicks the ball from the underside, an effect that makes it go higher after the kick.

Kettle: pulled with the heel of the ball in the air behind the player.