Soccer is becoming increasingly popular

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This development is just right for the clubs. After all, it means cash – through revenue from the stadium cash register, the sale of broadcasting rights or the distribution of merchandise. Information providers are also benefiting from this boom. Accordingly, they strive to accommodate the fans including the younger ones by providing them with this information on modern media. Apps can now be used to call intermediate and final stops in the subway. Even streaming is possible. So soccer consumption has arrived in a new age. No wonder that you would love the liverpool home game tickets.

How popular is soccer in our country

The extraordinary popularity of soccer in our country shows in the crowds of fans who are moving out into the stadium every weekend in many larger cities. It can also be seen from the fact that in broadcasts of important soccer matches the streets are empty.

But how does it express itself statistically? Some numbers give a clue:

  • A statistics of the kicker shows that the number of spectators in stadiums since the turn of the millennium has risen again to this day. Last year, they were over 13 million. For comparison, in the 2001/2002 season it was just under 10 million.
  • A sales record chasing the next. As de reported, scored the first in the 2013/2014 season, the tenth record sales in succession with 2.45 billion euros. The undisputed leader is Bayern Munich.
  • Even when it comes to the active driving of sports, soccer is according to the Post at the top, at least nationwide. However, there are individual federal states in which gymnastic clubs register more members than soccer clubs.

From these numbers it becomes clear that soccer is actually the undisputed number one among the most popular sports in our country and the trend continues to point upwards. Experts are confident that new viewer and revenue records will be recorded in the coming years.

What is the renewed popularity recovery?

The mirror has three reasons why soccer is such an exceptionally popular sport:

  • The insignificance: Soccer usually has no effect on the life of the individual regardless of victory or defeat.
  • The simple game structure: In comparison with other sports, the basic principle of soccer is simple. The ball has to go into the other goal, the more often the better.
  • The community structure: Soccer fans are a big community, at least in the stadium, but often also in the pub or in the office. It’s easy to feel attached, even if you do not know the other one.

Especially among women, who are traditionally considered to be less affable to soccer, interest in the sport increased significantly. But even among academics soccer talks were becoming more and more fashionable. The fact that the national team can even call themselves world champion has further increased enthusiasm and it also benefits clubs. Soccer has established itself as a topic that everyone can talk to each other and this development is unlikely to change again so soon, because it is just young people who are driving them forward decisively.