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almost 9,000 Audi A4 for sale

Second-hand vehicle offers abound on the internet. Should you buy from an individual or a professional? How to assess the vehicle at its fair price and secure the transaction? Follow our advice to avoid being rolled around. With the almost 9,000 Audi A4 for sale you can Opt for the best solutions there.

The second-hand market is changing.

almost 9,000 Audi A4 for sale

More and more traffic restrictions, end of diesel announced, return to grace of petrol engines. So many variables to which is added the stress of falling on a make-up car, on the counter tampered with or out of breath. In short, finding the right second-hand car is more than ever an obstacle course. Especially when faced with a plethora of offers. Some 5.5 million cars change owners each year in France. Two-thirds are sold from individual to individual, in particular on the site. The remaining third is acquired from automotive professionals. So how can you not go wrong?

Prefer a widespread model

Beware of false good ideas. Uncommon vehicles are certainly cheaper, but you could run into maintenance and spare parts problems without forgetting that the subsequent resale would be synonymous with a heavy discount. Do not focus on the price: the cheap car is not always the best. For an identical vehicle, it is more interesting to pay a little more for a car on which the maintenance is up to date. For example, if the timing belt needs to be replaced, the transaction will result in an invoice of $ 800. And you will not be able to save it.

Choose from the most reliable series

The diesel gate scandal tainting the German group Volkswagen (VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda) is far from the only quality problem from which mass-market vehicles suffer. Many diesel engines have had failures: breakage of certain Renault dCi series, malfunction of HDi and TDCi from Peugeot, Citro├źn and Ford. Difficult to navigate when one is not keen on mechanics. Several international studies nevertheless make it possible to identify the most reliable versions. Every 2 years, the group of consumer associations Euro-consumers (Spain, Italy, Portugal, France and Belgium) publishes a study on dozens of brands and hundreds of models classified according to their failure rate, after analysis of 35,000 feedbacks from drivers. The study is available in the form of a used vehicle comparator on the site.

Find the right price

There are almost as many used odds as magazines or specialized sites and sometimes with impressive differences. To find the right price, you have to understand them. The Argus rating refers to professionals. The prices displayed are therefore rather low, intended to estimate recovery prices and not resale. is the opposite example. It calculates a more generous rating for individual sellers. The real market price is in between. A whole search on site will help you to validate the fair price of the desired automobile according to your parameters.

Prefer the purchase from a professional

The prices negotiated between individuals are more attractive than those charged in garages. But you then buy without warranty, with limited recourse in the event of a dispute. And scams are common. Contact the seller to gather information: a copy of the registration document, purchase invoice and proofs of overhauls and repairs. A duly stamped maintenance book must accompany the invoices. If you don’t know anything about it by car, turn to a mechanic. All manufacturers have used quality labels.