The finer Utility with Diablo2 Now

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Why are we not at all comparing Blizzard’s new hit with the best MMORPGs, where there is full 3D, densely populated locations, and even entire cities and castles? It’s simple: is such a makeweight to the game, which greatly complements the original gameplay and immerses the player in a real virtual world. Here are continental ratings, and the possibility of a chat with any of tens of thousands 86 Kb. With the Buy d2 items you can find the best solutions.

At a large party, sometimes not see who is where. There are lags playing no matter where he is in the game or on the channel, and convenient trading and the long time spent honestly pumping characters.

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As a result, the solid age of Diablo II is no longer crucial: in combination with the services, we get a fairly fresh product even by today’s standards that meet the requirements of the most demanding gamers. And two-dimensional graphics well, as they say, not single graphics. In addition to it, there are 10 more elements from which you can collect both a mesmerizing online masterpiece and one-day crafts. We list them all:

  • A variety of pumping options for each class of characters, of which at least a few are viable,
  • A pronounced combat system of each class, significantly different from the others,
  • The rich game world, support for clans and guilds,
  • Developed and balanced modes of PvM and PvP,
  • Convenient and easily customizable interface,
  • An attractive individual rating system,

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Magic spells whit do not harm colleagues, but if this necromancer will declare war he has every chance to lie any of your former friends. Absence or minimum of lags, low traffic consumption and low monthly fee, high-quality technical support, timely updates (patches) and tracking of hacker programs.

Of course, the gameplay as such also plays a role. Diablo II is famous for its hurricane action, which, however, is not so easy to achieve. If the hero is developed, as they say, at random, at the highest level of complexity hell, an unenviable fate awaits him: a slow passage “from corner to corner”, cowardly battles with single monsters and death at every turn. After which grief-helmsman, as a rule, erases an unsuccessful copy and takes up the cultivation of a new one.

If the pumping is competent, and the equipment corresponds to the level of the ward, then even in the most difficult conditions he will, in the literal sense of the word, demolish all life (and all undead) in its path. A particularly pleasant moment is the passage by a grown-up hero of the same locations on which he was afraid of every bush from a dozen levels back. Diablo II is one of the few PC games in which the correct character development is rewarded so explicitly and so generously.

Almost a bull’s eye

If we take into account only the game on closed that is, on official servers, then we can safely say that there are only 3 points in the red. There is no support in the game to this day.

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It is possible that they’ll cheat with taste. Clans and guilds, although it was promised at the development stage scanty opportunities in chat channels do not count. Logs on have long become a byword, and at the same time cause the death of more than one hundred hardcore characters.