The Perfection of Theme Authority

Theme Authority

Prefer, as far as possible, a large theme manufacturer who has been working on the net for several years, and who has been able to considerably change his theme since the first version, thus making it more compatible, more ergonomic, more secure and simply more optimized. In case of a very specific need, and informed webmaster can afford to choose a lesser-known theme manufacturer. But if you are a novice, prefer a tool that has many good opinions and a large number of users. The right Theme Authority is there.

As an entrepreneur, it is now essential to have a presence on the internet, and that necessarily involves the creation of his site. We know we need one, we are used to surfing the web and visiting it every day, but when it comes to creating our own we don’t know how to do it.

Theme Authority

Choose the right WordPress theme

We are not talking about a personal blog here to present your work, your mood, or your passion. We want to tell you about an active and thoughtful approach by a Photographer 3.0 who wants to live from his passion, from his profession as a photographer. For that, one cannot limit oneself to exposing your images nicely, the objective of your site is also to seduce your visitors even to lead them to act contact you, buy, and subscribe to your newsletter, to your social networks.


Do not throw yourself headlong into the jungle of templates without having taken the time to define what you specifically want. So, before looking for a nice theme, you need to think about the features you are going to need.

Do not just look at the home page, it is very likely that your visitors will discover you via a blog article shared on a social network, make sure that the articles are displayed as you wish. And then you’re a photographer, right? You certainly plan to insert an image gallery this is another parameter to take into account. Do not be dazzled by a multitude of functions that you will never use. Versatile templates having several types of display, for example, it’s good for agencies but not necessarily for a photographer who will only use a tiny part of the resources available. Focus on the important points.

Think of your visitors

In general, we mostly look for a theme that we like about ourselves. To be honest, we are not a big fan of the theme. We needed a sober theme, in which men and women recognize themselves, minimalist enough to highlight the images of the photographers interviewed, but also allowing me to instill a strong brand image. It has a slight geek side because my readers are very often.

In short, think of those who will visit your site, will they recognize themselves, will they easily navigate, find important information. The definition of your target customer is the BASE of all your marketing strategy not just your website.

Your brand identity

Your brand identity is made up visually of your logo, your font, your colors and sometimes also graphic elements. You chose them because they represent your values, those that carried you through your business. It is important that they integrate perfectly with the design of your site it must give the feeling that the theme has been tailor-made for you.