What is 3D Printing and how to choose the right Printer

3D Printer

The most common aspect to be evaluated is that the pieces will be printed in only 1 color and after printing they will be painted. The filament that has the best finishing results after printing is the premium ABS filaments, because they accept well sandpaper and have good adhesion of primes and later painting. To print well with 3D Printer we recommend that it be closed and must have a heated table.

What temperature and environment will the parts be exposed to?

3D Printer

If your part will be exposed to the sun or applied in a car or even in contact with heat from any source or equipment, you can hardly print with PLA filament only. So printer with heated table is important to you. This will allow you to print plastic filaments that withstand higher temperatures without deformation, such as ABS Premium +, PETG XT and Tritan HT.

Will printed parts come into contact with any solvents or chemicals?

If your part needs contact with chemicals you need to work with a filament that is capable of handling such solvents. Co-polyesters are generally best suited for these cases. So your printer certainly needs a heated table to print with these filaments, forced ventilation and all metal nozzles.

What will the printer use?

For professional and business use, often assembling a kit printer, buying an imported 3d printer or more basic printers can be a bore.

Basic and input printers models based on these platforms, whether kit or not, are excellent options for learning how to handle everything a 3d printer requires. However, head movement and constant vibration will surely lead to numerous maintenance. That is, a long learning process and constant adjustments to get good parts.

For professional use, experts currently recommend primarily that it be of the Core XY type, where the table moves vertically only and the printer carriage moves X and Y. In addition to lower maintenance, parts will generally have less vibration.

Do you intend to work with the printer doing projects? What is the expected print volume?

Similarly, you may even have a home use, but if your parts removal requirement is very large, the assessment should meet the same criteria as above a business or professional printer.

Will the space allocated to your printer be opened with access to other people?

In the educational and industrial area this factor must be seriously taken into consideration. In these cases it should be evaluated which people will use the 3d printer and the environment. It is to avoid accidents if it is opened or the knowledge of the people who will use it, then choose a machine that has friendlier 3d software and slicers in case of users with little knowledge.

Where to install the 3d printer may have noise, appearance is important?

Many times the 3d printer will be exposed in luxurious, refined, chic places and should have a concern with the aesthetics they must offer. Mounted printers from some manufacturers are nowhere near as good alternatives, as they often feature sample wires, spindles, fonts, and literally, as decorators say, will scream in your environment. There are several options of super modern design 3d printers that do your printing job perfectly.

Another factor little analyzed in the purchase is the noise. Some environments require concentration, and for others, machine noise can be a nuisance to their customers. So closed printers are undoubtedly a better choice.